Beware Snowmageddon and Put Driving on Ice!

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By Grace Hickman

on Wednesday 28 February 2018

snowy street

Snow is soon to be falling all around us and it’s due to be treacherous as the ‘Beast from the East’ blankets our roads. Kids love it. The adults - not so much.

Most of us would kill for a snow day, cosying up in bed watching films, or messing about outside knee-deep in the snow and making weird and wonderful sculptures.

But the reality is – everything stops. Bread and milk is sold out. Time to panic!

Do the kids go to school? What about work? How do we eat? Is there a snowball’s chance of survival?

Yes, it’s a little overkill, but no matter how much you might need to get out, put safety first and avoid driving if the area you live in or are travelling to has a high chance of snow.


Weather warnings of being snowed under

The Met Office has given amber weather warnings (could be dangerous for the public) across the UK for the next few days - some parts have even been deemed red (don’t go out!). Severe cases of snow blizzards have been forecast and temperatures are remaining below zero. There are even tales of thundersnow!

Some schools have already confirmed closure and many workers are preparing to work from home if they can. If your occupation means that work can’t be done at home, then lucky you - a snow day in front of a box-set it is! Or you might fancy getting your dinner tray out and sliding down the highest hill near you (in walking distance of course).


Thinking of driving? Stop cold!

Car accidents are at their peak during these wintry conditions and four people have already died this week in a collision that was caused due to weather.

We’re all being told to check local weather reports and be prepared. Don’t ignore it!

Don’t be negligent and think you can take on the elements – you’re not only putting yourself at risk, but others too - even those who might be out and about enjoying a walk in the snow!

No matter how desperate you might be to get somewhere – we must all agree that health and safety comes first.

What if your car gets stuck and causes an obstruction - or even worse, an accident: it’s not worth the risk.

Although we may try to drive as safely as possible in this snowmageddon by going at a snail’s pace of 2mph, safety is really out of our frost-bitten hands.

So do yourself a favour, keep an eye on the weather and avoid putting yourself and others at risk.

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