Cyclist Suffered Horrendous Injuries in Pothole Crash

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By Grace Hickman

on Thursday 3 May 2018

Pothole filled with water in road

Father-of-two Simon Moss, 44, hit a 9-inch deep pothole (27cm) near Stony Stratford, Buckinghamshire, while cycling with friends last weekend.

The pothole caused him to fall off his bike, break the bike frame in half and sustain severe injuries - including losing four teeth, a broken jaw, two puncture wounds, a split lip that needed stitches and a fractured spine.

As the pothole was filled with water, it wasn’t so noticeable for Mr Moss and those he was riding with – which can often be the case.

The pothole also caused his friend to lose balance and fall after crashing into Mr Moss – he sustained minor injuries.

Another friend, Jez Honour, who was cycling with him at the time stated: “It was only a matter of time before somebody was going to be nearly killed by our roads that are becoming increasingly dangerous for all users.”

It is said that Milton Keynes Council had inspected the pothole three days before the incident happened. According to the council’s guidelines, any pothole deeper than 3 inches should be “made safe within two or 24 hours” – it looks like this didn't happen.

While the council has apologised for what happened, Mr Moss will be making a compensation claim for the injuries and damage caused.

It is the local authority’s responsibility to make sure roads are maintained and kept safe for all road users – no one should suffer such pain and injuries as Simon Moss did.

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