11,000 British People Still Driving with 12 Points or More

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By Grace Hickman

on Monday 29 October 2018

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Whether from speeding, using a mobile phone or having no insurance, a staggering 10,964 British drivers have accumulated 12 points or more on their driving licence, which you would assume to be a straight ban, right?


Some people with as many as 30, or even 50, points are still out driving on UK roads – and legally.

After this shocking news, there is now a high cause for concern regarding road safety; for drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

Why aren’t offenders getting a driving ban?

As with any legal case, each one is assessed uniquely by the magistrates, and the final judgement will depend on all circumstances involved.

If a driver with more than 12 points can convince the judges that a driving ban would seriously affect them or a family member in some way and cause ‘exceptional hardship’, then they may be able to keep their licence, despite the number of points.

As an example, one driver who claimed to the magistrates that they would lose their job if they lost their driving licence, faced a fine of £900, rather than receiving a driving ban.

'Exceptional Hardship' Loophole

The director of road safety charity Brake, Joshua Harris, has said that “the exploitation of the ‘exceptional hardship’ loophole” has been ignored and continues to allow “unsafe drivers to remain on our roads”, thus “the Government and courts are complicit in increasing the risk to the public”.

Mr Harris's view, similar to that of many, is that this should be dealt with urgently and drivers who reach 12 points on their licence should face an automatic ban, regardless of any reasons used to convince magistrates in court.

While the majority of drivers who reach 12 points on their license are automatically banned from driving, the judge will scrutinise each case methodically - so a driver could only avoid a ban if the magistrates feel fully confident that ‘exceptional hardship’ would really be caused, either to the offender or a family member.

Remain Vigilant While Driving

Whether we agree with this or not, it is the current situation, so be sure to remain vigilant on the roads at all times and ensure you’re always driving safely and according to the speed limits.

By stamping out this issue, the number of road traffic accidents could be reduced. Fingers crossed!

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