Stay Safe While Pie-ving During British Pie Week

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By Grace Hickman

on Wednesday 7 March 2018

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Last week, the snow left us with bread-less shelves in the supermarkets. This week, be warned, you may struggle finding a pie – It’s British Pie Week!

In this hectic life (one where we don’t find out the national awareness day or week until last minute), you may be pressed for time as you suddenly decided to impress your other half or friends by hosting a pie-night-in or arranging a pie related get-together at a local pub.

Your options are:

  1. Drive around trying to get all necessary ingredients to make your own
  2. Drive to Tesco to quickly grab a finest steak and ale pie or a batch of back-up Pukka Pies (not forgetting apple pie for dessert!)
  3. Drive everyone to your local Pieminister (or any other restaurant that sells pies).

We’d probably go with number one – it’s more creative and your mates can help. It’s up to you!

But whatever you choose to do, your option will most probably involve driving, and there’s an increased sense of rush on the roads with the week’s event coming to a close in four days. Quick!

The marking of pies is a wonderful culinary celebration – but the roads are bound to be manic and stress levels pie high. Should an accident occur, through no fault of your own, Non Fault Claims are here to provide you with a replacement car, but we’d rather you stay safe, of course, so that we don’t have to! Please note: we are unable to provide replacement pies.

Everyone’s racing out to get their piece of the pie – it’s not just you. So do yourself a favour and slow right down. The shops are open all day, and the longer you leave it to eat your pie, the more it’ll be worth it, right?

If you were to be involved in an accident (Pie forbid) that wasn’t your fault, we can help you with getting a replacement car or making a claim - so any problems, give our advisors a call today to find out more!


5 things to remember while out driving for pies

1 - While you may be pie-eyed, remain focused on your driving. Anyone who isn’t being observant and careful can cause fatal accidents, for which they’d be liable. Nobody wants to be this person. Keep your eyes on the road – the pies can get your full attention later.

2 - Be extra vigilant of fellow pie-hunting drivers out there! While it’s important to concentrate on your own driving, always be aware of those around you who may also be pie-hungry. If a negligent driver does mean you’re involved in a crash, one of our advisors will be able to help you.

3 – Keep way more than a pie’s distance. One is just too close – you need at least 50! We should all remain space-aware while driving to prevent accidents and injury. If someone is pressurising you and driving too close, try to keep focused. Anyone doing this is being negligent and could mean you’re ending up looking for a replacement car rather than for that tasty chicken and leek pie.

4 – If you’re sensibly carrying a spare pie with you in the car, just in case, it might come in handy if you were to have an accident – use the inside of the pie box to make a note of any details you’ll need when getting a replacement car or making a claim with us at Non Fault Claims!

5 - Lastly, stay stress-free and enjoy lots of pies this week - in your car or wherever you fancy. It’s not our job to keep it clean!

Let us focus on sorting out replacement cars and non-fault accident claims for you, while you take care of making sure plenty of replacement pies fill your fridge and belly.

Give us a call today if you’d like to find out more about how we could help you in a non-fault accident!

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