Using Your Head (Rest) Could Save Your Life

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By Grace Hickman

on Tuesday 20 March 2018

Steering wheel and smashed window

As part of this morning’s pre-work chit-chat, when we were warming up our brains and gearing up for a full day’s work before 9.00am, my colleague posed a question - one that had us stumped:

If a car accident left you trapped inside - how would you smash your car window to escape?

Hmm. This one boggled our minds and the race was on to see who could answer correctly first. It wasn’t a trick question - he said that the object you would need to break your window is in the car at all times.

“Use both feet to bang against the window?” Nope.

“Or an ice-scraper?” No.

“What about an emergency window hammer?” Yes, but what if you didn’t have one?

If you’ve read the title of this article, then you already know the answer - but it took us a whole minute to admit defeat and give up.

After being told the answer, we felt the need to tell our readers this life-saving fact-of-the-day. Who knows? It might come in handy!


Using the Headrest to Escape

A road traffic accident could stop you from being unable to open doors and windows – similarly, if your car was submerged in water, this would be difficult too.

The glass used for car windows is tempered - meaning it’s extremely difficult to break with just a pounding of the feet. Unless you already have an emergency window breaker in your car, then your car headrest could be the next best thing in an emergency.

Not all headrests come completely off, however, as their primary purpose is to support the head and prevent whiplash. So check which ones in your car are removable – and you’re forever prepared!

If you’re already envisaging yourself frantically grabbing at the headrest behind you and bashing away at the window with the pointed metal poles – in reality, it shouldn’t happen that way.

This video shows a really good way of using your headrest to smash the car window (you do not need to be fluent in Japanese to understand):

If, like many, you’re sceptical about this fact, then you’re better off having the right tools in your car beforehand, so you’re fully prepared for this type of incident.


How We Can Help You at Non Fault Claims

Hopefully, you won’t be involved in a car accident or have to smash any windows - but should you find yourself in a road traffic accident that wasn’t your fault, we’re here to help you at Non Fault Claims.

Our advisors are available to help prove fault in an accident and get you back on the road - that includes assistance getting a replacement car to use in the meantime or advice on making a non-fault car accident claim.

So what’s the moral of the story?

Drive safe, keep the headrest fact in mind and remember us if you need non-fault car accident advice.

Also - keep coming back for more useful tips! Take a look at our other articles for more advice or give one of our advisors a call today.

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