Watch Out for Motorcycles This Summer

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By Grace Hickman

on Friday 3 August 2018

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Many assume that the dangers associated with riding a motorcycle come with the territory, but most accidents involving motorcyclists can be avoided with some simple checks and being more aware on the roads.

The sun can affect our driving in many ways - summer weather usually means more drivers out on the road, including motorcyclists. For this reason, it’s so important that we’re always remaining aware and vigilant, making motorcycle safety a top priority.

Of course, those who own a motorcycle need to ensure that they’re taking the necessary precautions, such as wearing a helmet and motorcycle leathers, but it’s important that other road users are also keeping an eye out for motorcyclists at all times, while ensuring that they’re following the rules of the road, especially when dealing with congested traffic and nighttime driving.

Motorcycle Road Safety: The Facts

While the number of motorcycle fatalities saw a decrease towards the end of 2017, motorcyclists have a higher chance of being killed in an accident compared to those in a car (around 40 times more likely).

Some approximate motorcyclist injury or fatality statistics are as follows:

  • Motorcyclists account for around 20% of all road user deaths.
  • Around 6 are killed and 94 severe injuries to motorcyclists occur each week in the UK.
  • Roughly 70% of motorcyclist fatalities happen on rural roads.
  • The majority of those killed or seriously injured are under 25, so mainly new drivers.

The most common causes of motorcycle collisions is excessive speed and other motor vehicles failing to look properly, while the most common place on the road where vehicles collide is at crossroads and junctions.

These facts put into perspective just how important it is that drivers and motorcyclists do as much to safeguard themselves and others when using the roads.

Top 3 Tips for Drivers

As a driver, there can be a lot to look out for when it comes to ensuring that motorcyclists are kept safe on the road and that all other motorists drive safe.

  1. One of the most important factors that needs to be taken into consideration is that although some motorcyclists are fully confident on the road, others may be intimidated by traffic if this is their first time on the road, so remain patient.
  2. Motorcycles are permitted to pass cars on both sides on roads with multiple lanes, and not paying attention could mean that drivers aren’t aware of the motorcycle approaching until it’s too late.
  3. Motorcycles are smaller in size and harder to spot in congested traffic, so it’s important that drivers are fully aware of the surroundings as well as any upcoming traffic.

Top 3 Tips for Motorcyclists

While drivers have a responsibility to make sure motorcyclists are kept safe on Britain’s roads, so do motorcyclists themselves. As such, here is some advice for motorcyclists (that could also be applied to all motorists):

  1. Be aware of adverse weather conditions, including where you’re travelling to and from. A day could start off sunny and end up torrential (classic UK weather). A change in the weather could be detrimental if a motorcyclist isn’t prepared.
  2. Motorcyclists need to ensure that they are wearing clothing that is not only protective, but also highly visible. This ensures that other road users can spot you easily, meaning that accidents are less likely.
  3. In wet conditions, it’s important that motorcyclists ensure that their tyre tread and lights are in working order. Again, simply assuming everything is fine could actually result in a motorcycle accident, so it’s always worth taking a few minutes to make check your bike over before embarking on a journey.

These simple and safe driving tips will help make the road a safer environment for all, but there will be times when an accident occurs, regardless of the checks and safeguards put in place. This could not only mean sustaining an injury, but could also mean a lot of leave from work to recover – leading to a personal injury claim to cover the costs.

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