Uninsured Loss Recovery Explained

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By Grace Hickman

on Thursday 20 December 2018

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Let’s be honest – there are a lot of people out there vying for your attention and business when it comes to the complicated world of cars, insurance, accidents and claims.

They use a lot of terms, and by the time you’ve spent fifteen minutes on the internet trying to understand it all, you’re just as confused over what you need as you were when you started (if not more!).

One of those confusing topics is uninsured loss recovery (also called legal expenses insurance). Hopefully, at Non-Fault Claims we can help make sense of the subject!

What are Uninsured Losses?

Can I Claim on My Car Insurance for Uninsured Losses?

What is an Uninsured Loss Claim?

How Does No Win No Fee Help Me?

How Do I Make a Claim for Uninsured Losses?


What are Uninsured Losses?

When you have a car accident that was not your fault, the at-fault’s insurance company will (without too much argument) pay for the damage to your car. This is an ‘insured loss’.

However, we all know that there are many other issues that come from having a road traffic accident, as well as the physical damage done to your vehicle.

These include:

  • Any injuries that you or your passengers have sustained
  • Loss of earnings from being unable to work
  • Costs of vehicle recovery
  • Expenses you’ve built up when sorting out the problems
  • Replacement car hire
  • Damaged items inside the car

As an example, imagine you are a self-employed contractor and have been involved in a small non-fault car accident that results in your car being off the road for three days for repair. The cost of that repair is covered by the at-fault insurer, but you spent 40 minutes at the scene on the phone sorting your car recovery to the garage, talking to a client you were on the way to see, letting your spouse know the problem and working out how to get to your destination.

You end up taking public transport for the rest of the day, but you lose the work with that afternoon’s client because you were two and a half hours late and they had to get the work done in that time. At the client’s place, you discover that your laptop (that was in the boot) has been damaged in the crash and you can’t access your work.

You travel to an out-of-town car hire firm to get a small and uncomfortable hire car and return home late. You have to buy take-out because you weren’t back in time to go to the supermarket and there’s no food in the house.

You spend the next three days in constant contact with the repair firm who have discovered an additional problem with your car that may or may not be related to the crash, but suggest you get it fixed out of your own money and try to claim it back later. With your laptop still not working, you send it off for repair and work mainly off your iPhone for a couple of days.

Finally, you get your car back, drop off the hire car, and pick up a working laptop. Life returns to normal, but the three days have cost you upwards of £1,400 in lost work and expenses and your neck has been hurting too – you just haven’t complained.

All of that – those are your uninsured losses.

Can I claim on my car insurance for uninsured losses?

Additional cover for uninsured losses on your car insurance policy is ‘uninsured loss recovery’ or ‘legal expenses insurance’ and comes at a premium that you must pay in advance.

While it is advertised to give you full legal cover to make claims for all the issues presented in the example above, the level of cover is not always as comprehensive as you’d expect:

  • You will have to pay excess charges for additional repairs.
  • Your insurance policy may also have an excess for vehicle hire charges.
  • Uninsured loss recovery solicitors have no personal motivation to do a top-quality job.
  • You will impact your no-claims bonus.

Of course, if you haven’t added uninsured loss recovery to your insurance in advance, then your car insurance policy doesn’t cover all your losses anyway.

What is an uninsured loss claim? How can I claim back all of my uninsured losses?

At Non-Fault Claims, we deal with uninsured losses after the event. We are here to help you when the unpredictable has happened and you are left needing a top-quality legal team to fight your side against the at-fault insurer.

We can work on your behalf to make an uninsured loss compensation claim that covers the entirety of your uninsured losses – from those lost earnings to the cost of bus fares and the hire car company.

As a specialist in non-fault road traffic accidents, we provide a service that is leagues better than the basic legal advice offered by an insurance company. We work with vehicle providers to offer no-cost credit-hire cars superior to a basic courtesy car and as a team of first-class solicitors working on a No Win No Fee basis, we provide a team of dedicated legal professionals who will fight your case with unreserved energy and passion.

How does No Win No Fee help me?

With No Win No Fee, our success is tied in to yours – if your case doesn’t win then there is no cost to you (no hidden fees or small print anywhere), and if it does then we make our money by taking a small percentage of the final compensation award. This means we want to maximise the claim every bit as much as you do!

Insurance companies like to put forward the argument that using their services means you keep 100% of the final claim award, and this is true! However, they don’t point out that their legal team are unlikely to fight as hard for every expense and avenue of the claim as they have a heavier work load and no personal interest. Ask yourself, what is better: a 100% claim on a £1,200 award, or a 75% claim (our maximum cut is 25%) on a £3,500 award? Exactly!

Additionally, as specialists in larger compensation claims for personal injury, Non-Fault Claims have all the expertise required to guide you through any medical compensation to ensure you receive the full amount possible for your pain and suffering.

How do I make a claim for uninsured losses?

If you have had a non-fault road traffic accident that cost you in uninsured losses in the past three years, or if you have recently been involved in an incident and need to make a claim, then give us at Non-Fault Claims a call today.

If it isn’t convenient to speak at the moment, then fill in our contact form and one of our expert advisors will call you back at a more appropriate time.

Let us make sure that you are not the one left struggling financially from something that was not your fault!

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