Using Your Insurer to Claim Personal Injury

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By Grace Hickman

on Thursday 14 December 2017

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Using your car insurance company to claim Personal Injury

Even if you don’t wish to pursue a personal injury claim, you should inform your insurance company as soon as possible following your car accident in order to prevent your policy from being void. Once your insurance company has been notified, you may want to pursue a claim for Personal Injury.
Remember - All claims must be pursued within three years of the date of the accident.


Comprehensive policy

If you have comprehensive insurance, you may want to claim using your own insurance policy. However, in doing this you might lose any No Claims Bonus you may have built up over the years if the money fails to be reclaimed from the third party insurer. You may still be able to claim using the other driver’s insurance policy if your policy doesn’t cover injuries or losses.


Third party insurance

If you intend to make a claim against the other driver, then you must allow sufficient time for liability to be determined.

If you were not at fault for the accident, then you are entitled to use a credit hire company rather than your insurance. In the event that you can't afford to pay for repairs or a replacement car then by law, you will be required to acquire a replacement vehicle on a Credit Hire premise.


Using the insurance company’s solicitor

As stated by European legislation, you reserve the right to choose your personal injury solicitor, even if your insurance provider attempts to influence you otherwise.

Our expert panel of solicitors and advisors at Non-Fault Claims have plenty of experience handling a variety of Personal Injury Claims. If you want to join the number of people we help, get in touch today.

If you pursue a claim using your insurance company then you will be subject to an ‘insurance panel’ of solicitors and are often offered little choice in the matter.


Insurance panel solicitors

Frequently, insurance agencies choose to pass cases to the board specialists on request that a referral fee is paid by the solicitor in return. This budgetary relationship controls the decision of specialists, instead of suitability for the claim type.

You may discover that the board specialist isn't the best individual to manage your claim. If you are not content with your insurance provider's decision then The Insurance Companies (Legal Expenses Insurance) Regulations 1990 allows you a ‘freedom of choice decision' to change your solicitor.


The most effective method to choose the best injury solicitor for you

Non-Fault Claims highly recommend using an expert Personal Injury solicitor to maximise your chances of a successful claim. Expert solicitors have experience with working on a wide range of personal injury claims and will typically have the capacity to secure you an ideal measure of compensation.

To ensure you are liaising with proficient and dependable solicitors, search for those that are endorsed by respected industry organizations and associations.


How your solicitor will help you win your claim

Your solicitor should collate adequate proof in determining the person at fault for your injury or illness. The type of evidence gathered and utilized will depend altogether on the kind of claim you make, the broader kinds of evidence incorporate witness statements, photos of the scene, expert reports and medical evidence.


Freedom of choice solicitor’s legal fees

Non-Fault Claims permits you to a range of approaches to support your Personal Injury Claim with solicitors who can work on a No Win No Fee* basis.

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