Using Your Insurer to Claim Personal Injury Compensation

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By Crispin Bateman

on Thursday 14 December 2017

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What is a personal injury claim?

Should I claim with my insurance company for a non-fault accident?

Does a personal injury claim affect my car insurance?

Is there a personal injury claim time limit?

I only have third-party insurance - can I claim?

What is the average settlement for a personal injury?

How do I make a personal injury claim?

What is a personal injury claim?

One of the things people tend not to talk about when discussing driving is that, at its core, driving is dangerous. You are contained in a metal box hurtling down a road at anything from 20 to 70 miles per hour. If something runs into you at that speed, it’s no surprise that people are hurt.

Thankfully, the advances in safety technology make that journey as safe as possible, but there is still a reasonable chance that in a road traffic accident you suffer an injury. It is our sincere hope that should this happen to you, that the injury is minor, but no matter how minor, it is still cause for financial compensation – you should not have to endure any pain or suffering due to an accident that was not your fault.

Making a personal injury claim means requesting financial compensation from the at-fault insurers. The situation will be assessed and if you are seen to have been injured due to the fault of another driver, a financial settlement will be awarded.

Without good legal representation from an expert in the field, however, the chances of you managing to get what you are due is minimal. It is much more likely you will be manipulated into agreeing to a much lower sum than is fair.

Should I claim with my insurance company for a non-fault accident?

Most fully comprehensive insurance policies have a clause for legal representation (called ‘legal expenses insurance’) in this case. It seems like the sensible thing to do – after all, you will already be in contact with your insurance company to organise many of the other financial consequences of the accident, it makes sense to let them deal with the personal injury clam as well, right?


Your insurance company will work with a panel of solicitors, giving the job of representing your case to the one which best suits their business practice – this may be someone who is paying a fee to be on the panel, or one which will be of low cost to the insurance company should the claim fail.

While there is a good chance you will be well represented, there is also a strong chance that your claim will be simply run ‘by the numbers’ with no drive to really fight your side.

Wouldn’t you rather have a personal injury lawyer on your side who is determined to get the largest possible financial compensation possible?

Let the insurance people do what they do best – getting your car fixed and dealing with the logistics of those costs. For personal injury claims when you are not at fault, it is best to speak with specialist personal injury solicitors.

At Non Fault Claims, we specialise entirely in accident-related personal injury claims and can provide the finest quality service at no cost to you.

There is a strong possibility your insurance company will try to talk you out of seeking external legal representation, however, the Insurance Companies (Legal Expenses Insurance) Regulations 1990 allows you a ‘freedom of choice decision' to choose your solicitor as you see fit. If you want more specialised representation, then they will respect your decision.

The car accident wasn’t my fault - does a personal injury claim affect my car insurance?

If you are making a claim against another driver for personal injury through your insurance company, you may lose out in a few additional ways:

  • Loss of no-claims bonus – at their discretion, the insurance company may consider this claim a valid reason to reduce or completely eradicate your no-claims bonus, increasing the cost of your insurance for years to come.
  • Inadequate replacement car – many insurance companies will provide you with a courtesy car to keep you on the road while the legal proceedings are underway. Unfortunately, this will be a car of your choice and will likely not be a like-for-like replacement to your usual vehicle. By going through an external personal injury lawyer like Non Fault Claims, you will be able to utilise the services of a credit hire company who will provide you with a like-for-like replacement vehicle at no cost to you.
  • Speed of service – the insurance company may not give your case the level of priority a separate specialist will. This can lead to delays in your case that could extend to months.

Is there a personal injury claim time limit? How long does an insurer have to make a claim?

As with all personal injury cases, you must begin any legal proceedings within three years of the date of the accident.

While most insurance companies will work well within this timeframe, you may find that other issues cause them to drag their feet. If this is the case, then you need to get the ball moving yourself as quickly as possible.

I only have third-party insurance - can I make a personal injury claim?

If you are making your claim through your insurance company then you might not be covered for legal expenses with only third-party insurance.

This will not affect any claim made through us at Non Fault Claims, however. We can work with you to bring about a successful compensation claim regardless of the type of your insurance cover.

What is the average settlement for a personal injury?

The courts use a set of guidelines to ensure that all personal injury cases across the country are treated fairly. Part of these guidelines state the award values for all different types of injury so getting an estimate on your potential award is possible.

However, without knowing the type of injury and its extent, it is impossible to gauge whether the award will be a few thousand pounds or many hundreds of thousands.

Give one of our advisors a call today for an accurate estimate of your award value, or for a rough guide, see our Injury Payout Guide. Just note that these are purely guidelines and each case differs – some cases may well fall outside these brackets.

How do I make a personal injury claim?

Call us at Non Fault Claims today! Our personal injury lawyers are No Win No Fee solicitors, which means that you pay nothing to us if you we do not win the case.

Our money is made through a success fee that is a small percentage (typically capped at 25%) of your final award payout – if you don’t win then neither do we. It is this joining of our fortunes that means you can be confident that a Non Fault Claims solicitor is going to work above and beyond the limits of duty to win your case – and to get as large a final award as possible.

By pursuing your compensation claim through us, you preserve your standing with your insurer – no loss of your no-claims bonus, no poor quality courtesy car and a personal injury lawyer who put your case to the top of the priority list.

Fill in our contact form to have one of our advisors call you back, or simply give us a call and you will be well on your way to substantial financial compensation.

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