Getting a Credit Hire Replacement Car after an Accident

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By Grace Hickman

on Wednesday 13 December 2017

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What is Credit Hire and why should I get it?

Credit hire is a service that enables you to the use of a replacement car following an accident that you were not liable for.

As the name itself states, it is essentially a term defining vehicle hire on credit terms, which are claimed back from the at-fault insurers.

Credit Hire is designed to assist customers financially, by providing the use of a replacement hire car on credit terms, removing the requirement to pay for a hire car upfront and bear any costs from it until they are reimbursed from the at-fault insurers.

Typically, when your car has been damaged, you are only entitled to a small courtesy car provided by those who repair the vehicle for you as part of their agreement to be “authorised repairers” on behalf of your insurance company. If you believe you were not at fault in your accident, you could be entitled to a replacement credit hire car, which is similar or exactly the same as your own damaged vehicle, while yours is being repaired.

What are the other Advantages of Credit Hire?

The main benefit of arranging a Credit Hire service is that you could (subject to acceptance) have the use of a car more like your own vehicle as soon as possible after the accident that was caused by a negligent driver. Credit Hire could also save you from:

  • Having to pay your insurance excess
  • Losing some, if not all, of your No Claims Bonus (NCB) until the claim has been resolved in your favour
  • Finding yourself at a standstill because your car is being repaired
  • Being given a smaller, possibly less comfortable or practical replacement car
  • Having to make any upfront payments for the costs of hiring a suitable replacement vehicle. 

Are there any hidden excess fees with Credit Hire?

If you have been in a non-fault accident, using a Credit Hire service instead of claiming through your car insurance company will save you from having to pay an excess on your policy. Generally speaking, there are no additional fees for using this service. 

You might have already paid a policy excess for your non-fault accident, but this could be claimed back from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Non-Fault Claims could also be able to pursue a claim on your behalf.

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